These are a few rabbits we've raised and sold in the past years.

Mini Rexes

S's Ghost

S's BlueEyes 

 S's Marti Gras

 S's Pinto

 T's Clear Night

T's Monsieur 

 T's George

S's Hispanola 

 T's Quick Silver

S's Mirrors

 S's Nimbus

S's Wiley 

 S's Ricochet

 T's Ivory Cloud

T's Innocent Charm 

 S's Rizzo

S's Benjemina 

 T's Georgiana

These five are out for Ringer's Big Sky Blue and Ashfur. They are now all sold, but we don't have any recent pictures of them. All of them were does, except the (closer up) Broken Blue. The REW doe and one of the blue does were exceptionally fine young rabbits. The others were beautiful also. We'll have to say, they were a very nice batch.


T's Trust 

T's Belief > 

T's Mercy 

 < Hoeper's 3N

 Netherland Dwarfs

S's Bramble 

 T's Topaz Treasure

S's Silver Ring 

 T's Foofoo

 T's Tea Time

 S's Ted

 T's Midnight Treasure

 T's Golden Treasure

 S's Treasured Pearl

 T's CIA

S's Light of Elendil 

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