Sales Policy

  • Rabbits sold on first come first served basis.
  • Once payment has arrived we will hold a rabbit for a buyer.
  • There is no guarantee of the rabbit's ability of show performance.
  • There is no guarantee the rabbit will produce offspring for the buyer.
  • If you do not pick up a rabbit on the day chosen, and do not contact us, the rabbit will be put back up for sale.
  • All rabbits are, from the best of our knowledge, healthy when sold, unless said otherwise on their description.
  • Once the rabbit is sold and leaves the rabbitry, we are no longer responsible for the health or well-being of the animal. Care for it responsibly.
  • We have the right to change the policy if the need arises, and to refuse a sale at any time.
  • Prices will always be reasonable. There are always reasons for the price being where it is. We are willing to compromise if buyers can't afford them. The prices are based on the rabbits quality.
  • Rabbits come with complete pedigrees, unless it is a pet. In which case it shouldn't be put back into the rabbit breeding line.
  • If you ever have a problem with your rabbit, we would appreciate it if you would contact us and ask us about the problem.
  • If you have to get rid of the rabbit, we will take them back. We will NOT refund or reimburse you for any expenses that went with the rabbit.
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