• Stroke from the top of the rabbits head back.

    • Don't put you hand out to be sniffed like a dog. The rabbit may take it as an attack.

    • Rabbits don't like having their nose and chin touched.

    • Never lift a rabbit by it's ears or feet!


Picking Up A Rabbit

  • With the rabbit facing you, place your right hand under the rabbit's chest and stomach.

  • Balance the rabbit on your right hand and lift it up a little.

  • Place your left hand under the rump of the rabbit until the rump is resting on your hand.

  • Move the rabbit forward until its head is securely tucked under your left arm.

  • Remove your right hand or gently lay your right hand on the back of the rabbit for added safety while moving.


Removing A Rabbit From It's Cage

  • Put left arm in the cage

  • Place your left-hand palm down over the rabbit's shoulder with your thumb in front of the ears.

  • Gently cup your hand around the shoulders and squeeze your thumb against your index finger, grasping the rabbit to the point that you have control over the rabbit.

  • Put your right hand in the cage beneath the rabbit's belly, lifting the rabbit to the cage door.

Flipping A Rabbit: To Show The Underside

  • Have the rabbit facing your left side and firmly hold the rabbit's ears and scruff in the palm of your right hand.

  • Lift the rabbit with your left hand cupped around the hindquarters.

  • Support the rabbit with your left hand as you turn the rabbit over.

  • Complete the turn, resting the hindquarters on a table so your left hand is free to examine the rabbit.

  • Finish the examination; reverse the turn; and set your rabbit down again.

  • You may use the other hand if it is easier for you.

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