General Rabbit Care

Random Facts-

    • Rabbits are relatively undemanding.

    • They must be housed separately, unless they are neutered or spayed.

    • They are most active when you are likely to be home. Otherwise at dawn and dusk.

    • Rabbits do not require any or few trips to the veterinarian and have no shots you have to give them.

    • They are quiet and easily cared for.

    • Rabbits have wonderful inquisitive personalities.

    • Can live from 7 to 15 years of age.

    • Males are generally friendlier. The more handled, the friendlier they become.

    • Rabbits can be litter box trained.

    • Rabbits loose in the house have a tendency to chew on many materials. Electric wires are one that can be very dangerous.

Some Sources:

ARBA Official Guide Book: Raising Better Rabbits & Cavies

4-H Rabbit Project Activity Guides

             Hutch    Feed    Water    Toys    Handling  

  Disease Prevention    Grooming    Maintenance


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