• Feed is the largest expense in owning rabbits.

    • Rabbits need a well-balanced diet with the correct amounts of minerals, vitamins, fiber, protein, and energy. Pellets are strongly recommended.

    • Feed should be kept dry and in pest free containers. The containers should be air tight.

    • Supplements and treats are not a necessity. If you want to give treats once in a while, carrots, oatmeal, dry bread, alfalfa cubes, crackers, pieces of apples or potatoes, and timothy hay work well. I do not recommend pet-store rabbit treats.

    • Feeders should be dump-proof.

    • Do not overfeed rabbits. 2-3 oz. For small breeds

               3 ½ oz. For medium breeds

               4-8 oz. For large breeds

    • Don't leave uneaten pellets in the food dish.

    • Timothy hay should be given weekly to ensure the rabbit gets enough fiber.

    • If your rabbit has loose stools put dry oatmeal on the top of the rabbit's feed.

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