Ringer's Gem is a fine broken black Sr. Doe. She has nice depth, solid hindquarters, and fair fur quality. Her head is thick, and her feet are better furred than many Mini Rexes. This doe is very solid with great width and thickness throughout. She is a great brood doe and throws nice kits.

Ringer's Charm is a beautiful black doe with remarkable fur out of Shane Ringdohl's herd. She is a grand addition to our herd. Her body is balanced and well filled and she has great depth. Small ears and a friendly personality top off her excellent resume. Charm will be a brood doe in the following years.

T's Lil Angel- is a 2013 doe out of T's Mini Me and Ringer's Charm. She is a beautiful little REW doe.  Her fur is plush and dense, and ears shortly balanced. Her depth and hindquarters are good and overall roundness, commendable. An easygoing personality and nice shoulders finish this super doe off. She will look great in the show table and in a future breeding program.

S's Valenteena~ This Broken Black Senior Doe shows exceptional quality. She has nice depth of body, overall roundness and balance, and density of her fur. She shows the makings of being a good brood doe as well as an asset to any show team. I look forward to any opportunities I get to show her, she has filled out very nicely. Born February 13th, 2012 out of Ringer's Surprise and S's Heath.

 S's Pride and Prejudice-  This junior doe was born March 6th and shows a lot of promise, enough that I have decided to keep her as a herd doe.  She has excellent roundness and depth as well as nice ears.  I look forward to seeing her kits! 

A&J Glamourous is a December 201 gray dutch doe out of Jim Pitzka's herd. We will now be expanding to work on Gray dutch with her help. Inquire for more details.

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