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Hello, we are Sadie Ptacek and Trina Krumm of S & T Rabbitry, located near Oakes, North Dakota. We are a partnership rabbitry, due to living in separate places (T Rabbitry and S Rabbitry). We both attend college at North Dakota State University which keeps our herds at a smaller size for now.

 Our mission is to breed quality Mini Rex. We breed for quality not quantity. The S & T Rabbitry specializes in colors of; Black, BlueBrokens, REW,  Otters,  and Broken Otters. We also breed sable varieties (as well as rew and broken) Netherland Dwarfs as well as Gray Dutch.


We have added Gray Dutch to our rabbitry, but very few will be sold per year (keeping most to work on our strain of the breed). If interested, please contact us to be put on our waiting list.

We Raise rabbits to better the quality of the breeds. Quality is determined by the Standard of Perfection.
Do not breed animals that have signs of illness.
Our rabbitry is small so we can take time to tame, train, and get to know each and every one of the rabbits.
We spend many hours out with the rabbits and enjoy every bit of it. We even enjoy cage cleaning!

This site was last updated April 2014

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